About Me

This is my culinary story.  

It started in my teenage years when I first began to take notice of the things I ate. It was also the same time when I saw food as a vehicle in my life. It was about this time that I started to search for the foods my palate desired.

It wasn’t until years later that I began my quest for the deeper understanding of food; the techniques and preparations, plating and photography. At some point along the journey, my fascination began. And I started to experiment with food and its potential to bring people together.

There is a certain power with food. We all have memories associated with it: family dinners, dates, good friends, and new discoveries. Now i’m trying to transcribe that love with my words.

I hope this will become a place for all things culinary, indulgent, satisfying and the stories that come from it. I will talk about my favourite finds, places, gems, kitchen creations and everything that makes food such an integral part of our lives. I want to share with you my experiences.

I hope we can both go on this gastronomical journey together.

I can be reached at michaeldlewicki (at) gmail dot com


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